We teach parents about their child's strengths and how best to work with them at home in a variety of ways using research-based reading instruction. We demonstrate the most effective instructional reading techniques that will develop your child into a successful reader.

"Pathways to the Mind" was developed for those students who cannot learn in a traditional setting that teaches rote learning. We teach students higher level thinking skills or "Deep Thinking" so instruction has meaning and is retained in memory for usage. Parents are provided with regular reports and feedback. Your child's progress is continually monitored and shared. Our focus is on enhancing a students learning potential by promoting confidence, focus, and understanding

Learning Environment

We provide an interactive learning environment where kids are motivated to improve their reading and writing skills, develop their strategic thinking and become life-long lovers of reading. 

"Pathways to the Mind"

"Pathways to the Mind" is a "multi-sensory" approach that incorporates imagery, hand and body cues, and mnemonics so that students with different learning styles are able to use their strongest modes of learning to access and hold onto the information they need to acquire. Our program is diagnostic and prescriptive, with a structured sequence of skill development that is flexible enough to accommodate student's varied learning speeds.